Episode 12 – A Magnificent Surprise

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Episode 12 – Kearn Alan Dooley

My struggle with addiction is no secret.  I have tried to make sure my businesses strive toward the purpose of helping people directly or indirectly affected by addiction.  My laboratory was formed with the purpose of helping kids affected by parents with addiction.  My purpose now is to help those with addiction.  I was reminded of that on my way to Arkansas.  As I was driving, I got word that my daughter’s birth father (a very young man) had passed away from an overdose.  But that reminders did not stop there.

The reason I was out in Arkansas filming a movie to promote my coaching business, to improve men’s lives and get them back towards their purposes.  While I started hiking to the location site, I miraculously came across my past, my dark past.  How he came across me was nothing short of incredible!

Kearn Alan Dooley was a fellow competitor in high school, a hometown hero, a friend, and he was my dealer.  And so as not to get wishy washy with the truth, he was also a user, and like me, became an addict.

Prior to our encounter, if someone had asked me to guess what happened to him, I would have assumed dead or in jail.  Instead I met a man on the right path working to atone the wrongs of his past, a man that has found spirituality and has a good relationship with God, and a man helping others overcome their demons and addictions.  I met a man who had found his purpose and was leaving the darkness for the light.

I hope everyone enjoys this episode and realizes that there is struggle, but there is also hope!


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