Episode 10 – Navy SEAL ANDY

November is Navy SEALs Month!


Episode 10 – Navy SEAL Andy Coviello

Our country is protected by highly trained specialists.  What we don’t think about is how these men and women are able to cope with the reality of having to take another life.  Navy SEALs are trained as a unit, they work as a unit, and get through their mission as a unit.  Once they return, after having taking on the extreme stress and strain, they are left to deal with their reality without their unit, and are asked to put back on their “normal” persona.  This can lead to a very severe mental struggle.  While it is difficult to discuss, and as we saw in a previous podcast, sometimes it leads to a soldier taking his or her own life.

In this episode, former Navy SEAL Andy Coviello comes to the podcast helping out in Puerto Rico. What makes Andy’s story so real is that he came back having to deal with his reality and was in a situation where is was faced with a perilous choice…choose a gun to take his own life or pick up the phone to seek help.  His decision to choose help epitomizes a heroic choice that is lost on so many people…that they cannot do it alone and that the right choice is to seek help even when that decision seems incorrect. What I personally have learned through this experience is that these warriors have so much pride asking is difficult.  Even those working the charities struggle with asking for financial help to help.

Any will discuss his life, his dark, and the programs that are out there for those needing help.   I hope that his message inspires anyone listening to donate to a cause that helps our soldiers. The Bourque and Beans Podcast is choosing to raise money for NAVY SEALS FUND – BROTHERHOOD BEYOND BATTLEFIELD ® (http://www.navysealsfund.org) through jewelry drive.org.

Andy, thank you for taking time out of helping in Puerto Rico, and thank you for your story and your service!!!

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  1. brittney walters
    May 10, 2019

    Hey so I want to get connected with Andy. He knows me and I know him. I can’t stop thinking about things and I would love to know his feelings.

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