Episode 9 – Navy SEAL Johnny Sotello

November is Navy SEALs Month!

Episode 9 – Navy SEAL Johnny Sotello

A lot of times our military personnel serving our country are unaware of the programs available to help when help is needed.  For that reason, it is key that anyone who can spread word helps pass along fundraising opportunities for programs designed to help our soldiers!

The Navy SEALs Fund – Brotherhood Beyond Battlefield is a key program available to help Navy SEALs who may need help, and is the charity The Bourque and Beans Podcast has chosen to promote with the help of jewelrydrive.org.

It is an honor to have Navy SEAL Johnny Sotello on the podcast.  Johnny Sotello is a third-generation military man, his father and grandfather also having served our country, both during wartime.  Service clearly flows through this family…his brother is also a Navy SEAL, and his seven-year-old daughter dressed as a Navy SEAL for Halloween! Johnny not only served, but he also teaches combat tactics for a living.

When we think of our elite military, we picture them saving us, but we do not picture them as having to deal with their own obstacles, particularly those they have no control over. Johnny had to deal with an accident involving his daughter where she almost lost her arm.  Johnny was on the other the side of the country at Fort Pickett when he got the call about the incident.  As you will hear, it is miraculous that she has her arm, but not without numerous surgeries and suffering that she had to endure.  It is amazing to hear a soldier dad in awe of the strength shown by his young daughter.  A great story from a great person!

Johnny, thank you for coming on the show, and thank you and your family for their service!!!


As a reminder, The Bourque and Beans Podcast is helping raise money for NAVY SEALS FUND – BROTHERHOOD BEYOND BATTLEFIELD ® (http://www.navysealsfund.org) through jewelry drive.org.



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