Episode 7 – The Navy Seals Fund – Rachel and Drago

November is Navy SEALs Month!

Episode 7 – The Navy Seals Fund – Rachel and Drago

I cannot stress how important it is to help the people who served our country, put their lives on the line, and then came back and need our help to deal with the disease and affliction that occurred while serving our country.  For the month of November The Bourque and Beans Podcast will be highlighting the Navy SEALs and assisting in raising money for their benefit.

The Bourque and Beans Podcast is welcoming the Navy Seals Fund!  NAVY SEALS FUND – BROTHERHOOD BEYOND BATTLEFIELD ® (http://www.navysealsfund.org) is joining the Podcast to bring awareness to this essential organization to this elite unit that serves our country.  Drago and Rachel, husband and wife who both served in the military, and head the charity join the podcast to highlight this Veterans helping Veterans 501(c)3 charitable organization.

This charity is an all-volunteer staff and truly spends nearly every contributed dollar on their mission.  With their focus on helping those that serve their country, we are going to help with raising money.  Through Jewelrydrive.org, for every $100.00 your spend on the website (excluding sales taxes and shipping) $25.00 will go to the Navy SEALs Fund.  If you spend $10,000, $2,500 would go to the Navy SEALs Fund.  In other words, 25% of the purchase will go to the Navy SEALs Fund.

Throughout the rest of this month Navy SEALs will tell their stories!

It is an honor to help those that have served our country!  Thank you all for your service!

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