Episode 1 – Willie Robinson Pt. 1

Bourque and Beans Podcast Begins!

This is a new beginning for myself and my family.  I am opening up myself to the World Wide Web.  I will be taking listeners on a journey from the dark to the light.  My guests will consist of individuals who faced adversity and came out on the other side better people.  I hope you enjoy!

Episode 1 – Part 1 of 2 – Willie Robinson

I met Willie playing ball at The University of Louisiana.  In fact, we were both vying for scholarships as walk-ons. Our first encounter was a tackling drill and our first collision was a fist fight! We eventually formed a mutual respect for one another and bond with each other as teammates.  I followed Willie’s story as he continued to live the dream for playing football in different states and countries all over the world. I have not seen or heard from Willie Rob in years.  Willie followed up with me and we ended up challenging each other and so that began my podcast existence.  What better way to start than to interview a man who has overcome more than anyone should have to and is now coaching overseas with the goal of coaching back in the States.  I can’t write well enough to do his story justice, so I hope you enjoy listening to it!

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